Are we there yet? Thoughts on in-car HMI

By Digital Agency UsTwo

The Brief

UsTwo contacted us to help create a leave-behind for an upcoming visit to California. They were looking closely at information systems within the automotive sector and wanted this book to contain a distillation of their ideas in a manner that was both accessible and attractive but that would remain so long after they had left.

The Challenge

Because this was essentially the book of the pitch, it had to be last minute and ready to fly with the team. That meant fast and careful production, no printed proofs and excellent files. Designing for screen and designing for print are superficially similar but there are crucial differences in file preparation. Fortunately, despite being one of the top digital agencies in the world, Tim Smith, the designer of this project came from a print background and this made achieving the punishing schedule relatively straightforward.

Project Outline

The book is full of photographs, graphs and illustrations accompanied by great content. It is fully bound in cloth and foil stamped in black on the face and spine. You can easily fit 10 into your hand luggage.


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