The story of a career

produced for The Mill

The Brief

We were introduced to this project by Paolo Taddeo, one of our bookbinding partners. After 27 years, Pat Joseph, one of the founders of The Mill was leaving and, in top secret, a book was being prepared by his friends and colleagues to be presented at his leaving party. The book must reflect the very highest standards of printing and binding, be brim-full of content and be made to a tight deadline.

The Challenge

The book expanded rapidly from an anticipated 72 pages to over 400 pages as friends and colleagues added their own memories and letters. Projects like this try be as inclusive as possible, so there is always pressure on the cut off date for submissions and consequently on production. Fortunately, we had spent time proofing and testing and so were able to cut the lead time to a minimum.

Project Outline

Designed in house at The Mill, the book is 408pp long, has bespoke printed ends and is fully bound in cloth. The case is foil stamped on the face and the spine and is placed into a specially made Solander box which is also foil stamped.

No project is ever a single handed effort and this was no exception; thanks to the magnificently creative and organised team at The Mill (Rochelle, Grant, Claire & Tory) and our partners on the project, Paolo Taddeo, Pureprint Group and Ludlow Bookbinders.


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