That Book!

Spider Lake
By Eszter & David

The Brief

Eszter & David are professional photographers based in Los Angeles. They are making a name for themselves for their astonishing personal photo shoots; bringing star treatment to a family, a vacation, a birthday or very special event. The shoots can last several days and are meticulously researched and planned. With lighting, location, crew, stories all worked out in advance with the client or maybe a simple unobtrusive shoot immersed within a family. ‘That Book!’ is the final output of all this creativity. A single, unique, totally bespoke and never-seen-before book –  a memento of  precious moments in time.

The Challenge

 ‘A single, unique, totally bespoke and never-seen-before book’! and we knew just the person to design it. Graphic artist and designer Billie Temple didn’t disappoint. Eszter & David’s photography was superb and our challenge was to print a book that had everything. The request for the cover was that it be ‘bound in water’. So there are metallic papers, colour printing, die-cutting, foil blocking, acetates, throw-outs, postcards, giclée prints, and an imposition scheme that made our heads hurt! We pride ourselves on the fact that our pages open and turn easily and it was essential that this book be section sewn and open well, but with fabrics, acetates and special papers bound in to the book we had to develop new and innovative binding methods to allow us to bind the book properly. All the problem solving was worthwhile though and we were rewarded by the family’s reaction when the book was presented. Then you see the power of the book.

Project Outline

214pp text printed on five different presses and using three different printing processes. We printed on Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell 176gsm, 148gsm and 118gsm; not to mention the five different Colorplan papers, each with a different emboss. There were five different foils, two laser cuts, two different sewing techniques, six different shades of Peregrina paper and cotton fabric. Nine facsimile postcards, four bespoke booklets and 14 tip ins. Cased in paper over 2.75mm boards.

And the imposition for those with an interest. All sewn, no thesis binding or glue…


Shortlisted for The British Book Design & Production Awards 2018


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