Stolen Glimpses

Christina Wilson, photographer

The Brief

Christina wanted to make a book of her photography; a book that contained portraits of friends and family as well as landscapes and reportage from her travels in the UK, Spain and around the world. This beautiful and eclectic selection were further enhanced with thoughtful texts by Christina’s husband, the writer and journalist Robert Elms. Christina wanted the book to have a ‘notebook’ feel and to have a softness to the paper whilst retaining the power of the colour and the drama of the subjects. And within a budget that would allow the book to sell.

The Challenge

The paper was obvious, Garda Kiara has exactly the surface we wanted and would suggest uncoated while retaining the lift necessary to accurately hit the colour range. It also has the bulk to be able to use a lighter weight whilst retaining the thickness of a heavier weight. It was this quality, allied to the choice of 1.25mm boards that gave the book the ‘notebook’ feel; that and the addition of a cotton ribbon marker (cotton is important here as most ribbons are synthetic). The book was fully bound in a beautiful plain cloth with bronze foil for the simple and elegant title. The final touch was a translucent jacket which allowed the title and cloth to come into focus as the book was held – like mist clearing.

While we had to contend with out of gamut colours (but these are relatively simple to overcome or mitigate) it was probably the endpapers that were the real challenge. Christina wanted the image to have a graphic feel and so we experimented with filters before printing as monochrome using HP Indigo. As is often the case with graphic interpretations, the image that looked worst on screen, worked best on paper. I suppose that’s when production experience really counts.

Project Outline

Printed offset lithography in four colours with no seal or varnish to blur the edge between paper and image. The paper had to be sourced as B1 short grain (see my piece on grain direction) and the book was launched by Christina in November. Three months on it has sold nearly 2/3rds of the edition. 

Lots more beautiful images of the book, and details of how to purchase, can be found on Christina’s website here.


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