Oxfam & Profile Books

The Brief

To raise money for Oxfam, Mark Ellingham at Profile Books had commissioned  a paperback edition of short stories called ‘Ox-Tales’ by 38 of the UK’s best known authors. Loosely set around the four elements of Earth, Water, Fire & Wind, our brief was to make a limited edition of four volumes with each volume signed by the authors.

The Challenge

We had to devise a box for all the books that allowed them to live as a set, but also to be seen as a special gift. The books had to be signed by all the authors and getting so many individuals together is always a challenge. We got around this by having the signatures appear across a double page spread at the front of each volume and sending this, single sheet,to all the authors for signing. Once bound into the book, it worked perfectly.

Furthermore, the fundraising manager Tom wanted to try and raise even more money for the charity so, in addition to the main limited edition, 10 artists were asked to decorate 10 of the book boxes and these artworks, each containing a set of signed books was auctioned off at a special show at the Saatchi Gallery.

Project Outline

Four small books, each fully bound in cloth with foil blocking on face and spine and placed in a Solander box. The box too was fully bound in cloth and blocked in white. The 10 special boxes were fully bound in plain canvas.


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