One day, one book

There is no better feeling than working on a book that you know will evoke an emotional response in those who view it. We’ve produced a number of special and personal  books and feel very proud of them all. From weddings, graduations and family celebrations, to a few that are just totally unique to our clients :

A book of wisdom gathered by a Dad to give to his children on the day they leave home.

‘proposal’ book, and yes, yes, yes, it was yes!

Informal, but charming photographs taken twenty five years ago when a couple decide to runaway and get married. Perhaps they left it so long just in case things didn’t work out.

‘Lifeweek’ a book of family photos when a whole series of happy events collided in to seven days.

One presentation book of royal family photographs to be given by Lloyds of London to HM Queen Elizabeth. The book was so enjoyed we then printed ten smaller versions to be given as a corporate gift to the entire board. Read that story here.

A retirement gift for the CEO of Lloyds of London.

These are many more different and unique stories we have worked on and we feel privileged to play our small part in them. But not every book is happy – for some documenting a loved one’s illness or decline can be a way of coming to terms with loss. At sad times, when faced with having to pack up a life, photographing possessions and recording in a book can be both cathartic, and a way of letting go. We feel these projects deeply too, and in some ways these can be the most rewarding, there is a real-ness to them and a desire to document both the pain and the pleasure of being.


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