The Production of Mischievous Mind

april 2015

Francis Atterbury and Soraya Veale from our production team tell us a little about the work involved in the making of this book.


Tell us about this commission?

Joe had seen the books we had made for Carter Wong Design and recognised that Artisan Books were precisely what he needed for this project, he approached us with a clear idea of how he wanted the book to look and feel, key elements being subtle with the feel of luxury. Francis visited him at his studio in London to discuss the book in detail.


The size

You used the large size from the Artisan Books range, what determined that choice?

It was a design choice. Our large size is well suited to high quality imagery that is either landscape or portrait and there was no doubting the quality of photography in this project. We knew the book was going to be used for a high-end portfolio with professional image heavy content; everyone agreed our large book would best showcase the work


going bespoke

The size is the only standard element of this work, the rest of the book has been customised to make it unique to this project. Were there any production challenges in these bespoke elements?

As soon as you veer away from the standard materials it becomes very important to plan the job in detail. For instance, although embossings to the endpaper only take 24 hours, they are only done once a week! So, this element has to be ordered in good time. The same is true of foil colours or cloths. The choice of cloth and embossed endpapers were specially ordered for this project. The cover blocking was white with blind embossed logos at the top. Keeping the binding black and white ensured a very classic feel.


Reproducing the images

And what about the printing process? Did you encounter any particular issues or challenges when reproducing those startling images?

Flesh tones are notoriously hard to keep smooth but the truth is we’ve spent so long working with the process (we are fastidious about colour) that there was no problem at all and there were no corrections to the colour from proofs to press. Just how we like it.


The British book Design & Production Awards

What made you select this particular book to enter into the awards?

It was a challenging book to make and it shows off what we do very well. This book had bespoke elements and the photographs showed the high quality of our digital printing, so we thought it would be a good choice for the awards. Also, these are the Design & Production Awards and design is just as important as manufacture. I thought that Joe took a tricky brief and made a very beautiful book that looks simple and understated.

Thanks to for talking to us about this project.


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