Behind That Book!

the credits

The creative brief came from our client Eszter & David and above you can see Eszter on her epic day out. But a project this complex doesn’t happen without the support and expertise of our book making partners. The designer of the book was Billie Temple (row 2), The paper came from GF Smith (row 1), and Mohawk Paper. The large format pages were printed by New Ink (row 3) and Pureprint printed the running pages. Even our print maestro Francis got his hands dirty for a change! The pre-press, production  – and working how to actually do it  – was all in-house here at Hurtwood and the project was completed at Ludlow Bookbinders where the book was bound – in water, as requested! Finally the book was shipped to San Francisco in time for a large family celebration, phew!

If you missed it see the finished book here.

Photographs by Eszter.


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