Humphrey Ocean

Humphrey Ocean RA
An Artisan Book

The Brief

A patron of Humphrey’s wished to make a book to celebrate his own collection. In addition to these very few books, we were also required to make an edition for wider circulation encompassing other work and which could be published more widely.

The Challenge

Humphrey’s work looks deceptively simple yet, in reality, each colour sits very cleanly against the next and the work is a riot of complex and subtle shades that sit unnoticed unless you get it wrong. To capture accurately the very certain and complex relationships between the colours on the canvas and to do so using just three colours and black is a challenge. 

Project Outline

We made two volumes. One, a Private Edition and the other a Public Edition. Both had 96 pages of text although the content within varied. Fully bound in cloth with a foil blocked ‘chair’ image on the face and text on the spine.

It was important that the Private Edition was clearly different to the Public Edition. To that end, we trimmed the text to a slightly larger size, used a different cloth and foil colour. In addition, the Private Edition was placed in a slipcase while the Public Edition was thrown, naked, onto the shelves at the Royal Academy bookshop.


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