Produced for : Car Culture

The Brief

Cindy Lewis, the photographer behind Car Culture, wanted to make a limited edition book of her photographs of car dashboards to sell and auction at the Hillsborough Concours in California where Lucinda was judging the classic cars.

The Challenge

Cindy had a design, but it had been laid out as an eBook, with all typography and layout limitations you would expect from that format. Our job was to turn this into a book worth $1,500 at auction. We handed the project over to our designer Andrew of thextension and he did just that!

Project Outline

The book was designed over the course of a week with emails and visuals travelling to and fro to Miami where Cindy was based. Urgent and earnest Skype calls punctuated the week before a beautiful, gleaming design was rolled out and into full view. The book was fully bound in cloth with foil blocking on the face and spine and we placed them into a Solander box complete with a giclée print from the book cunningly held in the lid.

We made a signing template for the books, the print and the colophon sheet and sent the whole lot to California just three days before the auction. We sent them in two shipments – just to be certain that at least one delivery would make it. Of course they both arrived on time.


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