Creating a series of books

The Brief

A range of books to demonstrate the three sizes, three page ranges and nine colours of our Artisan Books, but in a way that sparks ideas on how the range can be used and customised.

The Challenge

Showing the books in all their eye catching beauty using cleverly chosen printed labels to illustrate the different sizes, accompanied by a cute scaled down set of books to show our nine cloth colours.

Project Outline

To illustrate our Artisan Books stylish formula our book designer Andrew came up with the idea of using vintage film and poster images for the labels to represent each of the sizes, their vibrant colours and visual impact show off the books to perfection. The sizes and dimensions have been foil blocked on to the front covers of each book using bright coloured matt foils. For each of our nine cloth colours (named after rivers) Andrew followed the story of the river using silver metallic blocking for the text detail on the front covers a blind emboss for the titles. The final touch was a tiny foil blocked swallow to be added to the spine so our books are instantly recognisable on a book-shelf.

Find out more about commissioning your own Artisan Book here


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