Brian Clarke:The Art of Light

Brian Clarke Studio & HENI Publishing
Hurtwood Press

The Brief

Brian Clarke is the greatest living artist working in stained glass and someone whose work I have admired for a long time. I was delighted when HENI Publishing asked me to work with Brian and the Studio to make this book which was to accompany his exhibition which opened at the Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts in Norwich before touring to Seoul and St Petersburg. Traditionally, books on Stained glass are printed on coated paper but we wanted this book to retain the ‘bookish’ feel of uncoated without compromise of colour and for the book to help the reader to ‘feel’ what it is to walk among this work.

The Challenge

Time. Time. Time. Mainly time. Much of the most recent work took the form of screens and these screens, whilst designed, were still being made. The glass is hand blown before being rolled flat and placed in the frame and this is a time consuming process. Once made, the work has to be delivered to the Studio and only then can it be photographed. Although we had designed the book, we were still fitting works and editing text as we approached and passed the deadline for press. I’m nervous about telling people just how close to the opening day we printed because it can set a dangerous precedent. So I won’t tell you. But it was closer that I’d care to repeat.

Project Outline

Landscape format, measuring 235mm high and 300mm wide. The book was designed by Billie Temple who chose to typeset in Styrene from Commercial Type. Digitally printed using a new high fidelity writing head at 300 dpi on Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell 176g. Simply put, no other paper allowed the colour to lift in the same way (we did some tests just to prove it!).

It was 3/4 bound in black cloth with a gloss laminated detail from one of the screens on the front. The type is foil blocked in a matt silver foil.

I love Brian’s work and hope we have done it justice.

Printed and bound by Pureprint who we worked with closely throughout the project. Shortlisted for The British Book Design & Production Awards 2018.


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