Bliss, A Gallery Book

Nahmad projects, London

The Brief

The ‘BLISS’ exhibition at Nahmad Projects in London was a never before seen dialogue between three artists: Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Jason Rhoades and Pierre Auguste Renoir. Juxtaposing their work, it explored their conceptions of the psychological and cultural complexities of sexuality. 

The Challenge

Wild, neon colour, sublime old master painting and iridescent sweet wrappers; a designer who really understood about using colour and layout to convey meaning, and a brief to create an object more akin to a radiant silver ingot than a book. It needed every inch of experience to get such a wide colour gamut and, furthermore, with what seemed like almost every page having a double page spread, it would need a highly imaginative imposition to open and read well.

Project Outline

I really love working with designers and clients that actually want to make what’s in their head and not what they think can be made; and in Billie Temple and the team at Nahmad Projects it’s about as good as it gets. To say that the images were, occasionally, of doubtful resolution would be a considerable understatement. However, the book is designed to be as absorbing to the reader, as the exhibition is to the viewer; swept away by a sea of colour, contrast and content. The edges of the bookblock were gilded silver and the case laminated with a silver film over a very interesting paper – creating the kaleidoscopic effect pictured above! My proudest part of the book? As a true anorak, it’s obviously the imposition… 4pp, 12pp, 8pp, 12pp, 8pp, 8pp, 8pp, 8pp, 12pp, 4pp if you’re interested!


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