An Award Winning Book!

By Laurie Atterbury, pre-press assistant, November 2014

In 2014 Artisan Books won ‘Best Book’ in the digital printing category at the British Book Design and Production Awards.


That book was Simona Aru, the self-titled compilation of work by the eponymous Sardinian photographer. It’s always nice to simply be nominated for awards; it’s a recognition of the effort we put into our work and the quality that comes as a result.


photographic art - getting it right

Simona and I worked in tandem on the design and layout of her book. We picked the cloth and endpapers, and adjusted colour levels and image juxtaposition to get the best out of her fantastic photographs. We took a long time to make sure that we had the images just right. Within the resulting book I think that many of the images have the feel of an impressionist painting. To create this feeling, Simona and I had several one-to-one meetings where we would look the images on the screen and in print to try and see if we were best utilising and capturing the colour within her pictures.

There are many websites now where you can get digitally printed books, but not all are well printed, bound and designed, many lack any kind of artistic energy. Books like Simona Aru are more than just the sum of their parts, and we hope to inspire and excite creativity in the people who view it.

So, in all, a big thank you to the British Book Design and Production Awards for the accolade, we hope for this to be the beginning of many more.


What the judges said

The judges commented: The artistic choice of paper, Mohawk Superfine Eggshell, shows off the excellent digital print quality of the photographs. The grain direction, paper weight, use of space on the layout and quality of the binding is an example of a well thought through print and bind project.


Additional information

Thanks must of course go to our excellent partners on the project; Mohawk Paper, GF Smith, Ratchfords UK, Pureprint, and Muirs Bookbinders. If you would like to buy one of Simona’s (signed limited edition) books they are on sale for £140 including a signed, limited edition print.

All the photographs from the book are available to buy individually, as signed limited edition prints 1/9 ,(sizes from 51 x 61cm to up 120cm x 180cm) You can contact Simona on 07932 816599 or via the team here at Hurtwood Press.


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