I really enjoy the word ‘marvellous’ and use it only when something is truly worthy of it. Like the book you created which exceeded my expectations in every way, making us laugh, cry and MARVEL at it's beauty, ingenuity and artistry. With our highest regards to you and your team.

Matt,Alice & Phillip

Hey Francis, we have received the books and we love them! They're huge too! and they're going down well! I'm sure we'll be asking you to make more in no time!

Tim Smith
Head of UsTwo,Auto

I once asked a very successful business man for some advice and he said quite simply 'do what everybody else is doing but do it better' I think that's what you are doing.

Mark Fairbrass
Founder of Beacon Press

I didn’t know if my idea was any good, if my writing was interesting or if my images were clichés but Francis got what I was trying to do from the first moment.

Mark Epstein

It was such a pleasure to work with you to produce such a beautiful book! I feel bereft now our meetings have come to an end…

Christina Wilson
Artist, Photographer

Don’t expect cool objectivity from me towards Hurtwood Press, I’ve become a fan.

Mark Epstein

As Henry Ford famously said, ‘quality is about doing it right when no one is looking’. Perfect words for Hurtwood Press. And, thanks to them, people will be looking at our little book for Brewin Dolphin for a while to come.

Nick Portet
Creative Director

I’ve always wanted a book that wasn’t made with any compromises, that was made exactly the way I wanted it to be

Neil Folberg
Fine Art Photographer

From our first conversation, Francis not only knew what I wanted to do, he was ahead of me, making suggestions that took the project forward.

Mark Epstein

I'm writing to say thank you again for your wonderful work, support and help, by all my heart!

Dr. Amak Mahmoodian 
Artist, Photographer

A short note to say thanks so much for printing the Trowers graduate recruitment brochure. I think it's wonderful; just as I'd always hoped... But even better!

Nick Portet
Creative Director

The book is fabulous. And the craft is self-evident. Thank you. 

Gregory Thorpe
Brewin Dolphin

Let's make lots more books

Nick Portet
Creative Director, Wreyford Branding Agency

I honestly don’t know anyone else who could have achieved the astonishingly bright and jewel like colours in the Islington Chapel books. They were an incredibly challenging task and needed a seriously expert eye for colour to get the best out of them.

Billie Temple, Artist

I have worked with Hurtwood Press for a some time now and hold them in the highest regard, I wouldn't have entrusted this project to anyone else!

Billie Temple

Totally nailed it!!! The books look incredible!

Graham Tait
Based Upon

The books are absolutely fantastic, amazing!! We have to thank you a lot

Herbert Abrel
Executive Editor, Buchhandlung Walther König

Francis was a joy, he not only ensured that the vision was maintained, he expanded upon it. The books were produced..quite beautifully

Andrew Barron
Book designer

The book was fantastic.. It was a triumph

Hugo Grimwood

I wanted to make something that exuded luxury.. Hurtwood’s Artisan Books were a perfect fit

Joe Carter
Graphic Designer

We work with Francis at Hurtwood Press because we trust him

Gilbert & George

Vastly superior in all respects to the books we have produced over the last couple of years!

Association of Photographers

The book just arrived. Thanks for taking so much care over it and with efficiency and speed

Jeff Gibbons

These books are prestige brand items really. They were created to reflect the innovative nature of the Chapel Salons and to reinforce this with their guests.

Billie Temple, Artist

It has been such a pleasure to collaborate with you, and I hope it is apparent how much I appreciate the time and care you’ve taken with the project. I couldn’t be happier with how they’re turning out. I’m truly indebted, and I look forward to the next opportunity to work together.

walead beshty

The books are amazing, and I can’t thank you enough for your patience, dedication, and faith in the project. It’s incredible to see the books in the flesh; they truly exceed what I thought was possible.

Walead beshty

We have received our copy and we all think it looks fantastic. You've done an incredible job in a really short space of time. We really appreciate the effort and knowledge you have put into this project.

Andrew Thomas
Partner & Creative Director, INARIA

The books are stunning

Joe Carter
Graphic designer

The client was thrilled, the designer (me) was astonished and relieved, and the whole process was a pleasure (and fun) from start to finish

Andrew Barron
Book designer

Thank you for creating something that I know I for one and many others will treasure for many years to come

Issy M
Yearbook Editor

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