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Ustwo Auto

The brief

UsTwo Auto lead the way in software for vehicle and driving automation.  We worked closely with Tim Smith, head of ustwo Auto who had compiled and written a book of the huge amounts of research and data supporting that was to be presented not only in downloadable PDF but also in traditional book format. Experience of the first book we made for them indicated that a well-made book carried great impact and it was this that was to be presented to their most important or influential clients around the world. The format imbues content with authority.

The challenge

The book had been designed in landscape format. However, at over 500 pages, the book needed to be in a size ratio that could use the paper efficiently but also of a basis weight that would make it manageable. Too heavy a sheet can put huge strain on the binding of a landscape book. And of course, it need to fit to a budget and timescale. In addition, the sources of the content were extremely varied and ranged from stock photography to screen grabs and from selected colour swatches to colours embedded within EPS files. That meant comprehensive pre-press work both to enliven colours that would print flat and dull as well as a lot of work to increase the quality of many of the lower resolution images. We do this because, it’s important that a book feels consistent and ‘whole’. On screen, most things look right. However, this isn’t always the case when printed and it’s our job to make the book consistent work as an entirety.

Project Outline

An epic 524pp text printed in four process colours on HP Indigo 12000. We used Mohawk Superfine Ultrawhite Eggshell 118gsm. Thread sewn in 31 sections of 16pp, one section of 12pp & one final section of 16pp (any odd sections are always placed just before the end). With the grain running parallel to the spine the book opens easily, despite its size, and feels great ho hold, open and read. The case is foiled in black and white foils on Colorado Reno cloth over 2.25mm board whilst the gold marker ribbon was carefully chosen to complement the content. We made 50 books and it’s already been distributed around the world. The book can be seen above, and the PDF can be downloaded here where you can also view a short trailer

Read more in this blog from ustwo by Tom Harle, Strategy Principal at ustwo.


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